Doctor Nelson Azevedo


Year Degree Institute / University
2018 - Present PhD in Physiotherapy FADEUP - University of Porto
2009 Master's Degree in Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS)
2006 Postgraduate degree in Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS)
2006 Degree in Physiotherapy Superior Health Institute of Alto Ave (ISAVE)
2005 Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy Superior Health Institute of Alto Ave (ISAVE)

Professional Experience

Year Cargo Local
2008 - Present Clinical Director, Physiotherapist Centro de Reabilitação – Nelson Azevedo Terapias Globais
2006-2010 Physiotherapist Clinica Central do Bonfim
2005-2007 Physiotherapist Centro de Reabilitação Cardiovascular do Hospital Geral de Santo António do Porto

More Informations

Teacher Activity
• Teacher at Instituto Superior de Saúde do Alto Ave (ISAVE), since 2015 in the curricular units of Functional and Technological Approach in Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Conditions, Therapy by Movement II and Physiotherapy in Cardiorespiratory Conditions.

• Participation as a Collaborator in the discipline Rehabilitation Theories and Practices, held in the University Campus of Viseu of the Piaget Institute, on the 27th of May 2006, in the scope of the Master in Cognitive Rehabilitation of the Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Studies Institute of Viseu.

• Trainer of the Course - Soft Tissue Manipulation - Advanced, taught at ISAVE in October 2018.

•Anatomy and Physiology Trainer of the Grade 2 Coaches' Training Course - Technical Scientific Cycle of 75 hours - 2007/2008.

Post-graduate trainer
• Applied Neuroscience for Rehabilitation and Performance by Bwizer

• Online course: Posturology Masterclass by Bwizer

Post-graduate courses
• Acupuncture Course for Physical Therapists, November 2012 to March 2013.

• Course of Clinical Thermography, June 2015.

• Course of Musculoskeletal Echography March 2016.

• Course on Chronic Myofascial Pain and Segmental Spinal Sensitization, February 2017.

• Course on Myofascial Induction: Structural Techniques With Andrzej Pilat, May 2017 to March 2018.

• Muscular and Myofascial Chains Course, November to December 2018.

Scientific groups
• Membro do Conselho Científico do ISAVE.

• Membro do CICS – Centro Interdisciplinar em Ciências da Saúde.

• Membro do Grupo de Interesse Músculo-Esquelética da APFisio.

• Prelector in the Portuguese League of Social Prophylaxis as a Physiotherapist in NORMÉDICA/ AJUTEC, in EXPONOR - International Medical Fair of Oporto, on 23 September 2005.

• Prelector in the tertulia organized by the Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology with the theme "Cardiac Rehabilitation", on the 27th of October 2005.

• Prelector in the 13th Cardiology Conference of the Center Region, November 2005.

• Presentation of the free paper entitled "Cardiac Rehabilitation and Quality of Life of an elderly patient who refused revascularization surgery: 5 years after! III International Meeting on Cardiac Rehabilitation in Portugal, May 2006.

• Speaker at the panel "Rehabilitating in Cardiovascular Pathology: from Risk to Recovery" in the session "Teamwork in Rehabilitating the Cardiac Patient". I Congress "Rehabilitating for Life" in October 2006.

• Presentation at the Workshop "Stretches in Fibromyalgia". V National Congress of Fibromyalgia - 2007.

• Presentation of the free paper entitled "Cardiac Rehabilitation and Quality of Life of an elderly man who refused surgical revascularization: 5 years after!". III International Meeting on Cardiac Rehabilitation in Portugal.

• Presentation of the free paper entitled "Cardiac Rehabilitation after Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy and the Impact on Functionality and Quality of Life!". 7th National Congress of Physioterapists, in November 2008.

• Presentation of the free paper entitled "Robotic Gait in Spinal Cord Injured Persons. The evidence of Locomotion Pattern Generating Centers!". 7th National Congress of Physiotherapists, in November 2008.

• Prelector at the Fibrenamics Lecture Series on "The Extraordinary World of Fibers" and the role of fibers in Medicine, in June 2014.

• Prelector at the 1st Ed. Cycle of Talks "How to Create Your Office" Success Cases, in October 2014, promoted by Bwizer.

• Prelector at the "36th National Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology", with the paper entitled "Spinal Mouse - Functional Evaluation of the Spine", in October 2016.

• Prelector at the Seminar - Physical Therapy in orthopedics, the integrated work, at the table with the Theme - "Spine" of a lecture entitled "Spinal Mouse - Functional evaluation of the spine", on March 18, 2017.

• Lecturer at the 4TH ATLANTIC HEALTH & ISAKOS & ESSKA INTERNATIONAL MEETING, Challenges in Football Injuries with the theme "Tendinopathy: novel approaches to the treatment", on September 2017.

• Lecturer at the Fisio Bootcamp in December 2018.

• Prelector at the 3rd Clinical Journeys Dr. Rui Faria in the panel, Neurosciences of Movement - Synergistic Coactivation Chains: Clinical and Scientific Evidence, November 2019.

• Prelector at the 1st Online International Congress of Physical Therapy at Master - Science Lab with the topic, Reflex Modulation and Involuntary Motor Control in Manual Therapy, November 2019.

• Collaborator in the research work "Follow up of phase IV in Cardiac patients" and other studies of phase IV of the Hospital Geral S. António-Porto since 2004 to 2006.

• Co-author of the paper for the Journal of Cardiology: Cardiac Rehabilitation after Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, its impact on Functionality and Quality of Life: a Paradigmatic Case!

• Invited collaborator by the Thin Film Physics group of the University of Minho and responsible for the development project "ElectroReab" since 2013.

• Consultant of the Fibrenamics research group of the University of Minho since 2013.

• Conducting the Clinical Trial "Médix", between January and March 2014 in collaboration with the University of Minho and Fibrenamics.

• Co-author of the research project under development with ISAVE, called "Fisiopostura".

• Guest collaborator in research project in partnership with the University of Minho and ISMAI, related to product development for sports prevention and muscle recovery, January 2018.